Direct use, ideal for filling or covering cakes and pastries. Can be consumed directly from the packaging. Excellent stability to both oven and freezing.



Brigadeiro | Chocolate | Chocolate and Orange | Cinnamon | Lemon | Pastry Cook


Other flavours

Banana | White | Caramel | Salty Caramel | Chocolate and Apricot | Chocolate and Mint | Chocolate and Raspberry | Chocolate and Strawberry | Coconut | Honey | Neutral | Orange | Pistachio | Strawberry | White Chocolate and Hazelnut | Chocolate Hazelnut Oven | Egg |

Tradition | Chocolate Hazelnut


Long-term creams*

Several flavours


Creams without sugar*

Several flavours


Mode of application

Apply it directly.



It can be used as covering for cakes, puff pies and birthday cakes

It can be used as filling for all kinds of pastries, cakes, pies and candies



Direct, fast and simple to use

High freezing stability

High baking stability

With or without sugar

With or without added fat

Food safety



Packaging from 0,6 kg to 13 kg

(*) Minimum order: 150 kg