Fruit Puree

Product that can be used directly or diluted in cream, ice cream, milk, water or pasta in order to obtain flavored products and great fruit perception.



Apple | Mango | Passion Fruit | Pineapple | Raspberry | Strawberry


Other flavours*

Açaí | Apple with Cinnamon | Apricot | Banana | Blackberry | Blueberry | Carrot | Coconut | Coffee | Fig | Gooseberry | Kiwi | Lemon | Passion with Cinnamon | Pear | Strawberry with Cinnamon | Wild Fruits


Fruit puree without sugar added

Several flavours*


Mode of application:

For fruit juices or milk shakes, add 50% of water or 50% of milk for 50% of fruit puree. Shake the mixture and it is ready for consumption. For best results, you should use water or refrigerated milk.

For ice cream, cheesecake or mousses, apply in sufficient percentage to obtain the desired final effect.



Ideal for ice creams, cheesecakes, mousses, etc.

Also for juices, milk shakes, puddings, cupcakes, muffins, etc.



Wide variety of fresh and natural flavours

Natural product

It can be kept at room temperature

Direct or diluted use



Packaging from 0,6 kg to 13 kg

(*) Minimum order: 150 kg