Direct use, applying on the surface of cakes and pastries. High stability and conservation, avoiding dehydration.



Cold application

Caramel | Chocolate | Neutral without Sugar | Quince | White Chocolate

Hot application

Apple | Neutral


Other flavours*

Apple | Apricot | Egg Yolk | Neutral – Baking Stable | Strawberry | White


Glazings without sugar*

Several flavours

Shinning Glazings

Golden Caramel | Neutral Gold | Neutral Silver | Silver Raspberry | Silver Chocolate


Mode of application

Cold: use directly from the package.

Warm: incorporate up to 50% of water.



It can be used for all kind of pastry products

Ideal for final decorations



High efficiency

It prevents dehydration

Greater enhancement of products and decorations

Direct, fast and simple to use
High stability to cooking
High stability to freezing
High conservation stability



Packaging from 0,6 kg to 13 kg

[*] Minimum order: 150 kg