About Us

The root

Our product is the fruit of Nature and of the accomplishment, of the relationship with agriculture and the respect of environment, that we always support, in an edge where the quality is much more that politic: it’s our standard of living.


The aim

To offer value to the customer in a logic and transparency partnership, counting on a flexible and dynamics organization, responsible for the search of solutions for the new market challenges.


The device

The past gave us experience and all these years of knowledge, make us today, specialists in the industrialization of fruits, and they are our source of inspiration for the future.


The spirit

To investigate and develop our products counting on the creativity and innovation of our team, built by itself, what we are and defines our proud: the capacity of improve ourselves.


The way

We give priority to the ways that serve our production, counting on modern and equipped installations with most recent technology in a work environment thought to harness the motivation indices and our collaborators personal accomplishment.