Quality Policy

As part of the Quality Management System and Food Safety, DECORGEL defines its National Food Security Policy, taking into account their role in the food chain, based on the following pillars:


Customer and Consumers Satisfaction

We intend continuously to improve the existing services to meet customers and consumers needs and preferences, and thus contributing to their well-being through variables of differentiation: quality, food safety, convenience.


Quality Assurance and Food Safety

We desire to produce recognized quality products.We try to promote and ensure good hygiene practices, ensuring the production of safe food through a rigorous identification, assessment and control of hazards. We want to be known in the market as holder of a quality and safety image as far as our products are concerned.


Proximity with our partners

We try to establish strong and lasting ties with each value chain player, i.e., suppliers and customers, based on shared knowledge and value creation.


Involvement of People

We want to people get involved in the organization’s growth, acknowledge their contributions and encourage individual development and team work.

We plan to promote our employees’ training in order to increase their qualification.



We want to ensure that all requirements are accomplished, including state and regulatory ones, regarding to the business area of DECORGEL and promoting the continuous review and improvement thereof.