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DECORGEL – PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES, S.A. uses cookies on your website to improve the performance and user experience through a personalized and efficient service.


Cookies are reduced text files that contain reduced information amounts related to the preferences of our users downloaded to the computer or other devices from our users through a server. Cookies enable the website to recognize the device the next time it is visited, thus allowing faster and more efficient navigation and eliminating the need to repeatedly introduce the same information.

Your internet browser subsequently sends, at each subsequent visit, these cookies back to the website, allowing the recognition and memorization of the identity of our visitors, namely the preferences of using our users. You can find here more detailed information on cookies and your respective operation.

Navigation on this website allows the collection of information using cookies and other technologies. By using this -site- accepts the use of -Cookies -tal as described in this -Cookies notification.
The cookies used, observe the principles of anonymity and confidentiality and have the only purpose recognize the user, not being used in any case to collect information or for direct marketing purposes.



What types of cookies used and why?


Part of the cookies to which we resorted are to allow browsing on this website as well as taking advantage of their features such as accessing safe areas and exclusive access to registered users.


Our website also applies to the functional usode cookies to record information about our users’ options and allow us to customize our website to the needs of them; For example, memorizing the source or region language or that a user has already completed the filling of an inquiry. The recorded information is anonymous and is intended only to the above indicated.


We can use, directly or indirectly, WebAnalytics services to measure the effectiveness of our contents and preferences of our users who allow us to contribute to optimizing the operation of this website. Additionally, we resorted to the Web Beacons or Tracking Pixels to account for the number of visitors and performance cookies to monitor how users are individually access to our website and with that regularity. This information is used only for statistical purposes without identification of any particular user. However, for registered users who are connected to the website we can make the combined use of this information with the data collected via webanalytics services and cookies to analyze how visitors use this website in more detail.


This website-does not use the use of Targeting Cookies to promote advertising directed to our visitors.



How to manage cookies?


Website users accept the introduction of cookies on their computers or devices under the aforementioned terms without prejudice to the control and management available.


After authorizing the use of cookies, the user may always disable part or all of the cookies, in the Entenanto, we inform users that the removal or blocking of cookies may affect their experience of use and may limit access to some website zones .



How can I modify my preferences in the management of cookies?


You can at any time revoke the consent or modify the preferences in terms of cookie management on the page for the site cookies.


Alternatively most browsers allows control over cookies stored on visitor devices as well as their immediate deletion if the user wishes to allow local cookie storage. For this you can find more information on the sites: or


Users can always configure devices and browsers they use to accept all or some cookies, to notify them whenever a cookie is issued, or for never receiving cookies.


You can find more specific information on how to manage preferences in relation to cookies by the most popular browsers in:



You can always find information regarding the management of cookies relating to other browsers by visiting the supplier’s website.


“Not-Track” functionality


“Do-Not-Track” is a functionality that allows visitors not to be screened by sites and is available in most browsers, including: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, operates.



Browser controls


The vast majority of -Browsers – comply with our users to view cookies -alotados and eliminate them individually or alternatively block cookies on a particular website or all in general.


Preferences defined, including self-exclusion, are lost whenever cookies are deleted. For further clarification should consult or



Management of Analytics Cookies


Users can choose to delete your anonymity in your navigation activity within the websites monitored by Analytics Cookies. A Decorgel food products, S.A. Uses the following service providers where you can further obtain more information about your privacy policies and how to delete your cookies by clicking on the following links:


Google Analytics:

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