Data Protection Policy

A Decorgel Produtos Alimentares, S.A. agenda for respect for respect, security, liceness, confidentiality and rigor in the application of measures necessary for the protection of personal data, in accordance with the legal principles which are applicable, in particular those defined in the Data (RGPD), approved by Regulation (EU) No 2016/679, of April 27, 2016, in its current wording and other legislation.


The Personal Data Treatment Policy systematizes the relevant information on the processing of personal data.



Recruitment and Selection Privacy Policy


I – Consent


The candidate expressly authorizes in a free and conscious form, the company Eating, SA (hereinafter identified as Decorgel or Company) to collect and treat their personal data for recruitment and selection purposes, taking into account the information and the Profile of candidate defined.


The candidate states that the consent provided is informed and unambiguous for the treatment of personal data.



II – Relative information Personal data


a) Purpose and delivery of data


Decorgel aims to know job opportunities in the company, as well as facilitate the management of applications and recruitment process for available vacancies or spontaneous applications management.


The data provided aim at the formalization of candidacy for a certain vacancy, or spontaneous candidate by candidates.


The data holder is entitled to not authorize the collection and / or treatment of data. However, this resignation makes the recruitment process through the page.


The candidate has the right to give up the candidacy at any time, by sending e-mail with the information that intends to give up the application, indication of the full name and date of birth to: and


Application withdrawal determines the elimination of the data provided by the basic candidate, informing that all treatment made to date was based on previously provided consent that is lawful.


The data provided and authorized will not be used for diverse purposes of that for which the consent, that is, formalization of application.


The recruitment process does not involve automated decision-making, being casuistically evaluated for framing in functions or available vacancies.


In case of selection, additional personal data are required to carry out the contract and compulsory transmission of data to official entities, namely tax identification number and number of beneficiary of social security.



b) Treated data


In the application process, the candidate must provide personal elements by completing form and providing curriculum vitae and presentation letter.


Decorgel only calls for the provision of relevant data for recruitment and selection purposes, excluding other data, such as relative, for example, philosophical or political convictions, partisan or union affiliation, religious faith, private life and racial or ethnic.



c) Candidate’s obligations


The candidate must have at least 16 years, completed compulsory schooling, and provide accurate and complete information in the application process.


The candidate shall provide his informed consent after reading the privacy policy.



d) Responsible for the processing of personal data


The Company Department of the Company Decorgel, based on Rua do Progress, 363, 4785-647 Trofa, Telephone Contact 252 450 870 is responsible for the processing of personal data, assuming all obligations related to the purposes, means of treatment, procedures , subcontracting of personal data processing, risk mitigation measures, registration of treatment activities and control tools.


In charge of data protection (DPO) can be contacted through the address of the person responsible for the treatment or, alternatively, through the email


Decorgel assumes no liability when, for subjects other than or unknown, error, damage, diffusion or unauthorized access arising from electronic data transmission which may occur between the company and the data holder.



e) Access to the personal data of the candidates


The personal data of the candidates may be accessed by the recruiters, human resources and the department responsible for which formalizes the application for the opportunity (s) which applied for; or recruiters and all department leaders in the case of spontaneous applications.


As a rule, the personal data provided by the candidate are not transferred to third countries. They can only be shared in and outside the European Union when required by law or to respond to the legal process, to protect lives, to maintain the safety of our services, and to protect property rights or the company, in legal terms.


In the case of selection, the data is transmitted to official entities, including social security and labor compensation funds, accounting and human resources department, security and health care company, for which they provide consent.



f) Retention period of personal data


The personal data of the candidate are preserved for two years, ending this period the registration will be canceled and the data eliminated.


If the candidate wishes to continue to be included in the company’s recruitment archives, he must submit a new application and necessarily new consent.


The candidate can at any time request the elimination of their data from the recruitment database.



g) Rights have the holder of personal data


In compliance with the legislation in force the personal data holder has the following rights in terms of personal data protection:


– right of information and access to data relating to it; Right to rectify data inaccurate, incorrect, outdated or incomplete, right to erase data; Right to the limitation of the treatment of data relating to it in case of application of any of the situations described in art. 18th, RGPD no. 1; right not to be subject to automated decisions, right to withdraw consent; right to be informed in case of the occurrence of personal data violation, ie a breach of security that accidentally or unlawful, destruction, loss, amendment, disclosure or access, unauthorized, Personal transmitted, preserved or subject to any type of treatment and when this violation is likely to involve a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the candidate.


The basis of law enforcement for the treatment of personal data provided is the consent, and the candidate assists the right to withdraw consent at any time for the purposes described above. However, withdrawal of consent does not compromise the legitude of the treatment carried out on the basis of previously given consent.


To exercise any of these rights, you should contact the Decorgel through one of the following addresses:, expressly indicating what the right it intends to exercise and in which terms.



If it requires, the holder may also submit a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD).


This document aims to know the general rules on the protection of personal data in the strict compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy you can put your question through e-mail or

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