Certifications and Policies

Our most relevant work focus is the delivery of excellent products, ensuring their quality and food safety throughout the production process and supply chain.
We breathe food safety culture, and, focused on rigour, our industrial unit is certified with the BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety.
We also have a portfolio of Halal certified references, which allows us to present solutions adjusted to the needs of our customers from the most diverse geographic regions.

Quality and Certifications

The population’s eating habits have undergone major changes in recent years that are the result of social changes, tastes, and technology. Thus, new trends are increasingly appearing with regard to the consumption of food products and there is a growing concern with food safety and a high level of consumer demand for product quality and safety.


Quality is now a competitive advantage, which differentiates one company from another and one of the main bases of success of Decorgel is quality. It is a strategic decision, of high importance, which aims at the satisfaction of Consumers, Customers, Employees, Suppliers and the surrounding society.


The quality is present in everything we do in our day to day, because Decorgel’s main goal is to provide products designed for our customers, according to their tastes and their needs, always on a food security basis.

Food Safety Culture

For the proper functioning of Decorgel’s Hygiene and Food Safety System, we strive to establish and maintain a positive food safety culture, recognizing the importance of human behavior in providing safe and adequate food.


The development and strengthening of a food safety culture, in which the human being is the key element, is the strategic path that we advocate in order to obtain results of excellence.

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