Our Brands

Our brands are the reflection of our daily work to satisfy our customers, where we put all our dedication, innovation, creativity and commitment.

The first Decorgel’s own brand, which has an extensive portfolio of products of high technical quality and taste.
The Decorgel brand of food preparations for bakery, which enriches neutral doughs in colour, flavour and texture.
D By Decorgel
Decorgel brand with an extensive range of products and flavours for the most varied applications.
GO Clean
Decorgel brand that aims to emphasize more natural products.
Decorgel brand of food preparations for pastry that exposes the best that fruit can offer us.
Decorgel brand for preparations for the food industry.
Decorgel brand of food preparations for pastry.
Decorgel brand for chocolate-based products.

Private label

In addition to our brands, we also manufacture for private labels. If you want to know how Decorgel can be your partner for the manufacture of your branded products, with the possibility of exclusivity, please contact us.
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