Innovation and Development

Innovation is in Decorgel’s DNA: every day our teams are dedicated to the search for new knowledge, which allows us to offer our customers solutions tailored to their needs, in a timely manner.
Our broad portfolio, combined with specialized teams and a presence in the most demanding markets worldwide, allows us to invite you, with confidence, to challenge us: that’s what we’re here for!
Decorgel will be happy to be your partner in Innovation and Development, responding to specific requests, but also proposing innovative products that can leverage your offer.

of turnover invested in R&D
continents where our products are present
new projects developed per year*

* on average

Quick responses tailored to the needs of our partners. We deepen our knowledge daily in search of new solutions.
Technical knowledge
Solutions adjusted from a technical and organoleptic point of view, due to our global presence that gives us market knowledge.
Solutions designed according to what our customers need, accompanied by excellent service levels.

Tailor-Made from 150kg.
Challenge us!

Tell us everything

Tell us what you are looking for, its application, features and limitations.
If you are simply looking for inspiration for your next release… We are happy to share new ideas!

Hands and brains at work!

Our r&d team will start the development of your product based on your indications, testing it in-house until it finds your solution.


You will receive a sample at your premises for organoleptic and production testing.
Share your appreciation with us!


If necessary, we will rework the product based on your feedback to exactly meet your expectations.


Launch your new product and we will celebrate the success of our partnership!
Our teams will accompany the entry of the product on the market, giving you all the support you need.

And… What will be next?

Contact us again for another new development, we love challenges! Contact us at

12/10/2021MobFood – Technological Investigation Project

MobFood, an investigation and development technological project, derives from a joint reflexion of diverse food industry agents which aim, in an integrated and structured way, to answer challenges regarding a…

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