Crunchy Creams

What makes your creations richer than different textures, combined with unique colour and flavour?

At Decorgel we differentiate ourself by offering a wide range of Crunchy Fillings: ready-to-use Crunchy Creams and PRO Crunchy Creams, to heat up before use and obtain a solid texture in the final product.

While tasting you’ll understand it’s a Decorgel Crunchy Creams: intense but natural taste, colour allowing a perfect finishing touch and steady crunchiness over time.

Decorgel Crunchy Creams are easy to use and ideals as a filling or a coating. The only limit is your imagination!

Your tailor-made Crunchy Creams From 150 kg

Are you looking for a Crunchy Creams with a new flavour, or specific inclusions?

We develop tailor-made Crunchy Creams, in an agile way, for minimum orders of only 150 kg.

Decorgel develops Crunchy Creams according to the following allegations
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