Fruit Fillings

Ready to use fruit preparations with high fruit perception.



Apricot | Blackberry | Pineapple | Cherry | Raspberry | Wild Fruits | Kiwi | Orange | Apple

Apple with Cinnamon | Mango | Passion Fruit | Blueberry | Strawberry


Other flavours*

Pumpkin | Banana | Chestnut | Chestnut with Port Wine | Carrot | Fig | Tropical Fruits

Guava | Lime | Lemon | Apple with Caramel | Apple Pippin | Apple with Creme Brulee | Apple Strudell | Pear | Pear with Caramel | Peach 


Long-term Fruit Fillings*

Several flavours


Fruit Fillings without added sugar*

Several flavours


Mode of application

Apply it directly.



It can be used as covering for cakes, puff pies and birthday cakes

It can be used as filling for all kind of pastries, cakes, pies and bombons



High perceived fruit content

Direct, fast and simple to use

With or without pieces of fruit

Wide variety of fresh and natural flavours

High freezing stability

High baking stability

Traditional, low calorie or with no added sugar



Packaging from 0,6kg to 13kg

(*) Minimum order: 150kg