Semifreddo Bases

Used to create semifreddos and mousses, with high fruit peception. Dilute the semifreddo base in neutral bases.



Pineapple | Coffee | Chocolate | Orange | Passion Fruit | Strawberry | Whisky

Raspberry | Wild Fruits | Blueberry | Mango | Neutral


Other flavours*

Apricot | Yogurt | Lemon | Limoncello | Pear | “Turrão” | Cheese


Mode of application

For mousses, add 65% of cream with 35% of semifreddo base, mix for 30 seconds and serve.
For semifreddos, add 80% of cream with 20% of semifreddo base, mix for 30 seconds and serve.



It can be used on cheesecakes, ice creams, mousses, milk shakes, puddings, cupcakes, muffins etc.

Ideal for mixing with whipped cream, yogurts, cold glazings, creams and other products.



Direct, fast and simple to use

High perceived fruit content

Wide variety of fresh and natural flavours

Characterization of the neutral base in terms of colour and flavour

Wide range of different applications



Packaging from 0,6kg to 13kg

(*) Minimum order: 150kg